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Bush hammers "hedgehogs" (heads) for dabbing

Dabbing is a method of processing concrete, stone, granite and stone surfaces to prepare these materials for applying new coatings, improving their adhesion. There are hand tools and special machines that allow you to perform high-precision work easily and quickly.

We offer to purchase heads for stone processing, concrete and granite dabbing – “hedgehogs”, which are a mobile modern alternative to milling and shot blasting. They can be used when installing new coatings and repairing or renewal of old coatings.

Advantages of heads for dabbing:

  • they are cheaper than similar machines and methods of solid material surface treatment
  • they are mobile and expand the functionality of an already purchased or rented grinding machine, which is very convenient and cost-effective for one-time work
  • they do not destroy the treated surface – do not form furrows, cracks and other defects, form a uniform neat layer for further processing
  • they remove dirt from hard-to-remove stains, glue and other new formations acquired by the coating during industrial and construction operation
  • highly accurate in operation, as the process is fully mechanized and is performed automatically
  • dabbing with the help of heads can be carried out in all weather conditions, even in the rain

Characteristics of heads for dabbing concrete, stone, granite:

  • height of “hedgehog” needle is 5 mm
  • the housing is made of high-quality structural steel with increased strength and hardness
  • equipped with sealing elements that prevent dust from entering the housing
  • the mechanism includes three bearings that evenly distribute the load, increasing the service life
  • needles are cast from the special hard alloy
  • produced on high-precision CNC machines
  • thickness of removed coating up to 15 mm
  • weight of removed concrete is 2.0-2.5 kg per one pass on 1 m2
  • consumption of one set: from 2000 m2, depending on the concrete grade and the surface condition
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