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Grout blades are used at the final stage of machine processing of concrete as part of a grout helicopter. As a result of the work, porous structure of the upper layer of the base material is eliminated, thereby strengthening and protecting the monolith from the destructive effects of moisture.

Grout blades solve the following tasks:

  • dust removal – smoothing the surface layer of concrete significantly reduces its dustiness, the pores are compacted, the base acquires a mirror smoothness
  • strengthening – manipulation prevents easy penetration of moisture into the concrete structure, preserving its integrity for a long time
  • aesthetics – glossy surface and neutralization of high dust formation in general provide the coating with a fairly decorative appearance

Additionally, concrete can be covered with an additional decorative and protective layer – epoxy paint, polyurethane varnish, polymer solution for floors. The choice is made depending on the operational purpose of the premises, the planned production activity in it and its specific features.

Characteristics of Linolit® blades for grout machines:

  • cost-effectiveness and productivity – the material and manufacturing technology used in the production of consumable tools guarantee consumption on average per 1000m2 of area. This indicator is especially relevant when processing industrial-scale bases
  • standardization of dimensions – we supply grout blades of generally accepted sizes – 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm. The appropriate option is determined depending on the diameter of the helicopter rotor. The set consists of 4 pieces
  • easy to attach and replace – fasteners are reliable and easy to use. They are tightly fixed with the rotor of the grout machine, guaranteeing an uninterrupted workflow for smoothing concrete. If necessary, replacements are also simply removed manually
  • versatility – Linolit ® concrete grout blades are compatible with all brands of smoothing machines currently on the market – both single-rotor and twin-rotor
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