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A grout disc is a consumable tool used as part of a grout machine for concrete at the stages of finishing a freshly laid coating. The purpose of the manipulation is to smooth out porous structure of the material and give the upper layer the mirror-smooth effect. You can buy discs for a helicopter grout machine from us – industrial quality and at a bargain price.

The tool is under extremely high loads during operation – physical and thermal, so compliance with the technology in its manufacture and the composition of the metal are crucial during operation. The resource of consumables depends on these factors.

Characteristics of our grout discs for concrete:

  • for all types of helicopters – single and twin-rotor, as well as a choice of generally accepted diameters from 600mm to 1200mm, there are from 4 to 10 fasteners
  • made of cold-rolled wear-resistant steel, the output product has thickness from 2mm to 4mm, depending on the diameter
  • versatile and easily compatible with most of the brand-name grout machines on the market
  • Linolit ® grout discs are designed in such a way that when using them, it is possible to grout the base at a minimum distance from the walls and columns, the edges of the discs are bent at angles of 45° or 90°, the protective casing of the equipment protects the vertical elements of the room
  • high reliability of fasteners, guaranteed by the use of spot welding machine at their manufacture. They are securely fixed with the helicopter and ensure a failure-free workflow
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