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Diamond milling cutters are consumable tools for grinding and polishing machines. We produce heads for processing equipment of various types, but each of them is equally productive and reliable.

You can always contact us to choose the optimal ratio of the characteristics of a diamond cutter specifically for your task and equipment

A suitable tool is determined by several parameters, including the fraction of diamond segments, the degree of binder rigidity, the condition of the monolith and the area of the surface to be processed.

For purchase, we offer diamond milling cutters for concrete and stone with the following grain size indicators – #25/30, #60/80, #120/140. The smoother the surface of the layer is assumed at the stage of work being performed, the less value of the milling cutter is chosen. In this case, the diameter of diamonds is smaller, as a result of which the concrete is polished smoother. And vice versa.

The degree of the binder rigidity, applicable in processing, is determined depending on the condition of the base. For soft concrete, it is preferable to use a harder version. For successful operation of a diamond pad, timely replacement of abrasives in it is necessary. At the specified ratio, spent diamonds fall out, opening new ones. So the grinding is effective.

The catalog presents tools designed for a certain amount of processed area – from 800m2 to 1500m2. A properly selected diamond milling cutter serves as a guarantee of the declared performance. Otherwise, the discrepancy between the granularity and the binder to the monolith will lead to the premature failure of one of elements.

Our diamond milling cutters for concrete and stone have successfully proven themselves not only as the reliable and productive tool, but also as a modern profitable alternative to similar heads available on the market. The wear resistance and tool consumption are such that they reduce the cost of grinding consumables by half. The combination of productivity and long-term operation in general significantly increases the profitability of a project.

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