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Set “Universal floor brush Linolit®” for industrial vacuum cleaners Linolit® 612D and Linolit® 322D

Universal floor brush Linolit® is installed on industrial vacuum cleaners Linolit® 612D and Linolit® 322D.

The set includes:

  1. metal nozzle brush Linolit® (d=50 mm) – 1 pcs., 
  2. hose Linolit® for industrial vacuum cleaner (antistatic, d=38 mm) – 1 pcs.,
  3. adaptor Linolit® 38S-50.01 – 2 pcs., 
  4. fastener for mounting – 1 pcs., 
  5. fastener plate 612 – 1 pcs., 
  6. fastener plate 322 – 1 pcs.

Universal floor brush Linolit®

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