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Our products

We offer to purchase repair compounds and all the necessary professional materials to eliminate defects in concrete and polymer floor coverings.

If you have analyzed the scale of the current negative situation and have come to the conclusion that the base is not subject to complete replacement and the existing damage is within acceptable limits, then the repair compound will help to cope with the planned work.

Before applying the product, the surface must be prepared by giving a crack or pothole the correct shape, and thoroughly cleaned with a construction vacuum cleaner from dust and sludge. Further, following the technology and the manufacturer’s recommendations, perform all the steps to restore the integrity and strength of the base.

Types of repair compounds:

  • self-leveling – polymer mixtures with high fluidity. They easily fill the space offered by them, have high adhesion, are applicable for concrete and polyurethane floors
  • thixotropic – got its name due to the property of concrete to move from a liquid to a solid state in the absence of movement. Our concrete repair compositions have among their components quartz filler and modifying additives for the greatest solidity of the repaired areas
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