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The grout machine is designed for finishing of monolithic materials – concrete, stone, granite, polymer. As a result of smoothing, the upper layer of the material is compacted, equipped with “mirroring” and additional protection.

Concrete is a very durable material with the porous structure. To eliminate this vulnerability, the top layer of the monolith is grinded, polished with a grinding and polishing machine and smoothed with a helicopter grout machine. In the process of performing this manipulation, the surface becomes clogged and it is more difficult for moisture to gain access to the monolith structure. In this case, the concrete floor is protected from negative environmental influences and can successfully perform its operational function.

Concrete grout machines can be single-rotor and twin-rotor.

Single-rotor grout machines are distinguished by greater mobility, compactness, versatility and lower weight relative to the twin-rotor analogues. They got their name from their equipment – presence in the design of one or two smoothing discs (4 and 8 blades).

The standard working diameters of such equipment are 600 mm, 800 mm and 1910 mm. Such dimensions are due to the optimal ratio of helicopter dimensions, weight, power and performance. The consumable tool – blades – are practical and easily replaceable upon reaching the production period.

There are several options for controlling the equipment. On objects of small area, a grout machine is used for screed on manual control, which is an elongated handle with command transmitting elements – levers, buttons. The speed and the applied force to the surface treatment can be controlled.

For industrial scale work, a twin-rotor grout machine helicopter is used. Control is carried out by the operator, who is located in the chair above the smoothing blades. It regulates the parameters of the intensity of work and the position of the equipment. Twin-rotor helicopters are so maneuverable and easy to operate that the difficult and responsible stage of finishing the coating turns into one of the most interesting.

Advantages of our helicopter grout machines:

  • comfort and fine control settings, high-quality performance
  • power of reliable motors from 5,5 tо 29 hp
  • possibility of long-term uninterrupted operation due to the capacity of fuel tanks
  • long-term depreciation reserve of functional structural elements

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