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One of the final stages of work on the floor can be its grinding. This operation is performed to open the pores of the material and prepare its best adhesion to the finish coating, for example, paint or polymer self-leveling floor.

Performing of this stage of work manually, when organizing the foundation in industrial volumes, is not possible due to the complexity of this method of grinding and temporary losses. The problem is solved with the help of a special machine.

It is classified according to power / duration of work and the speed /area of the treated surface. These are the basic characteristics that allow you to master the planned volume in a timely manner and meet the deadlines of the project. Additionally, the grinding machine can be equipped with a construction vacuum cleaner for comfortable use and compliance with labor protection requirements at the facility.

A modern option for increasing the adhesion of a concrete coating with a finishing decorative layer is special working blocks for a grinding machine – bush hammers “hedgehogs” that perform dabbing on the surface of the base. Their greatest efficiency relative to similar methods is provided by the high-precision creation of roughness on the surface.

This method eliminates chips and potholes, facilitates the installation of the finishing layer and guarantees its maximum reliable adhesion to concrete and, as a result, high durability and wear resistance of the floor, excellent resistance to mechanical loads throughout the life of the coating.

If you have any questions about choosing the optimal equipment for grinding and other operations for installation of a concrete floor, then you can always contact us for professional advice.

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