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A construction vacuum cleaner is an indispensable participant in the work on the facility. The quality of fulfilling its functions is directly reflected in the quality of the result and the speed of the intermediate stages of installation.

Unlike household appliances, a construction vacuum cleaner should have more powerful characteristics, endurance, the volume of a dust collection container of class M and be able to withstand continuous operation for a long period of time.

The market offers a large selection of construction vacuum cleaners with various dimensions, housing materials, types of filters and so on. To make the right decision, you need information about how the features of the models influence the quality of work.

Operational characteristics of the materials and components used for construction vacuum cleaners:

  • air flow speed – in such a way you can compare the models and understand how long it will take each of them to prepare the area for the next stage of work. The higher this indicator, the sooner and more effectively your “handy” will cope with its task. The speed depends on other factors, and this indicator is one of them
  • housing – it can be made of plastic or stainless steel. The first option has a higher noise absorption, the second option has enhanced strength. Which indicator plays an important role on the facility – is up to you. In manufacture of the equipment, we give preference to reliability, since construction involves high loads on the tools used
  • filter – there are two kinds – the standard solution and HEPA filter. The latter provides a large–scale dust retention area – up to 99.5% of the total amount of collected dust. There are models that provide a semi-automatic contactless cleaning system. This is very convenient according to several criteria – continuous operation and prolongation of the service life of the filter itself
  • dust collection system – there are options for bagless collection and with using special packages. Construction debris, as a rule, is formed in large quantities at the site during work, so the bagless system saves time on replacing packages, their mandatory timely purchase and thus the project budget. Also, performance of a container-type vacuum cleaner does not decrease when the tank is partially filled.
  • volume of dust container – depending on the type of work performed and their area, it is better to determine in advance what minimum value this indicator should have. As for us, we are sure that the dust collection container in the construction vacuum cleaner should be as roomy as possible. Otherwise, the total amount of time to clean it during the day can be quite a significant figure.
  • dust type – dry. It is better when the equipment is able to cope with any construction debris equally effectively. Such versatility can be useful in work more than once. If the field of activity involves generating only dry dust during work, then such a characteristic will not be decisive for you.

Among other indicators that deserve attention, we can mention power of the equipment, what network voltage the device is designed for, noise level and others.

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