Bush hammer Linolit BH-H100_LN (“Hedgehog”)



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Linolit BH-H100_LN bush hammers (“hedgehogs”) are used to prepare concrete bases for further applying of polymer coatings. Cement slurry is well opened, the bases and joints are well leveled by means of them. They do not destroy the foundations of weak concrete (grade below M300). Processing with Linolit BH-H100_LN bush hammers is a more gentle and soft way of processing concrete bases.

The result (for example, unlike the Linolit BH-H45_LN bush hammers) is a rough, but more even structure of the base surface, ready for further applying of a polymer coating.

“Hedgehogs” are a good alternative to a concrete milling cutter. Linolit BH-H100_LN bush hammers are designed for ALL Linolit grinding and polishing machines.

The maximum load on the working block during operation should not exceed 23 kg.

*Set: 1 pcs.

Overall dimensions, mm82 х 52
Concrete gradeany
Removed layer, mmup to 15 mm
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