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Concrete base hardener Linolit_FС3, produced by Linolit Company.

Linolit_FC3 chemical concrete floor hardener is an aqueous solution based on lithium silicate. A0 monolithic floor contains a reinforcing mesh or rods at its base, the materials of which are subject to oxidation when interacting with carbon dioxide. Lithium impregnation neutralizes the reaction, reducing the acidity of concrete and creating an insulating membrane.

Thus, this product implements comprehensive protection of all components of the base of concrete floors, providing them with the most ideal operating conditions. So each material will be able to maintain its inherent strength characteristics for a sufficiently long period, contributing to the overall durability of the structure.

Features of the lithium silicate-based concrete hardener:

  • eco-friendliness during applying and operation, without odorous and harmful vapors
  • ease of applying and economical consumption make it affordable for a project of any scale
  • sealing of concrete surface layer sufficient to provide its resistance to moisture
  • prevents carbonation, preserving the monolith integral structure and the reinforcement in it
  • dedusts the coating without creating a film – throughout the entire life of the coating
  • helps to enhance the glossy effect in the system of polished floors

We offer purchasing a chemical concrete hardener, which solves several vulnerabilities of the monolith in a complex – the inevitable porosity of the structure, dustiness, insecurity of the reinforcement in it. Solving these tasks, the impregnation complements the base with additional strength characteristics, extending its maintenance-free operational period for decades.

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