Diamond frankfurt “CLAW” Linolit® #PCD4*1/4 MB_LN RIGHT or LEFT



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Diamond frankfurt “CLAW” Linolit® #PCD4*1/4 MB_LN is used for efficient stripping of concrete and polymer floors.

Used for initial rough grinding and levelling of M250-400 grade concrete. Remove cement slurry, bumps and irregularities on the surface of concrete, old paint, polymer, glue residues and other contaminants.

For installation on Linolit ® 670 machine, PCD frankfurts with the left and right segment location are used (the index L (left) or R (right), be careful when installing!

*Set: 6 or 12 pcs.

Operation methoddry / wet
Quantity of segments4
Material to be processedpolymer / concrete
Consumption: set, m25000
Removed layer, mmup to 10 mm
Typefor grinding and polishing machines / for grinding machines


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