Diamond frankfurt Linolit #25/30 FALCON (for concrete stripping)



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Linolit #25/30 FALCON diamond frankfurts are suitable for rough grinding and stripping of M250-400 grade concrete. Removes cement slurry, old paint, polymer, bumps and irregularities on the surface of concrete, glue residues and other contaminants.

Consumption of diamond frankfurt Linolit®️ #25/30 FALCON ~800 m2 and above. Scratch depth on processed coating ~ 0.75 mm.

A well-prepared concrete surface is the key to the strength and durability of future floors: polymer, concrete, terrazzo! FALCON is a new series of grinding tools that solves all the tasks associated with stripping concrete floors for the subsequent application of new coatings.

*Set: 6 or 12 pcs.

Quantity of segments3
Concrete gradeМ250-400
Material to be processedconcrete
Grain size#25/30
Consumption: set, m2800 and above
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