Dosing trolley for applying topping Linolit® Т10



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Trolley Linolit® Т10 is designed for uniform distribution of topping or any other strengthening dry mix with a given consumption on the surface of a freshly laid concrete floor.

Linolit ® T10 topping trolley is designed for uniform and dosed application of a strengthening dry composition. It is convenient and easy to operate.

Overall dimensions, mm1400 х 865 х 902
Weight, kg62
Hopper volume, L109
Working width of mixture applying, mm1000

Advantages of the dosing trolley for topping:

  • Uniform application is ensured thanks to the built-in system of agitators rotating from the wheels, and to the triangular shape of the hopper.
  • Adjustment of the layer thickness – by means of the lever and flap located at the bottom of the housing
  • Folding handle and side handles for easier transportation and storage
  • The folding leg for moving a cart with bags with the mixture around the construction site and opening them immediately before application
  • Pneumatic wide wheels, located on sides, serve for application without traces both on concrete and on scattered topping

Peculiar features of operation of the trolley for allying topping

The handle can be in the working or transport position. Adjustment is performed by lifting or lowering the element.

The working mixture volume is adjustable, the consumption is from 1 to 8 kg per 1 m2. Weight of poured mixture – not over 190 kg. Before using, it is necessary to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions for the equipment operation.

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