Grinding and polishing machine Linolit® X5



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Linolit ® 520 grinding and polishing machine is designed for processing concrete and stone surfaces and is optimally suited for fast and efficient work on medium and large areas.

Due to the combination of design features in the gearbox and external elements in this model, maximum shock mitigation and vibration damping has been achieved.


  • unique machine which is easy to operate and maintain
  • wide wheels for easy maneuvering and moving the machine around the work area
  • ergonomic handle for convenient control of heavy machinery
  • height-adjustable control handle: working position, position for tipping and changing the abrasive tool, position for transportation
  • planetary rotation system of working discs to achieve maximum surface treatment results – smoother and flatter floor;
  • switch of the direction of rotation of the working disks
  • adjustment of the working disks rotation speed
  • “floating” working part due to special bushings allows it to fit snugly to the treated surface as the abrasive tool is erased
  • dust jacket and nozzle for connecting industrial vacuum cleaners Linolit® allow you to work without dust
  • the design of the machine working part allows surface processing close to the wall with an offset no more than 5 mm.


Weight, kg170
Overall dimensions, mm1100 х 530 х 960
Grinding plate diameter / quantity, mm х pcs.230 х 3
Material to be processedconcrete / marble / polymer / granite
Power, kW4.0

dabbing / grinding and polishing /

polymer removal

Voltage, V200-240
Nominal current, А17
Productivity, m2/hour36
Rotation speed, rpm0-1500
Protection degreeIP54
Surface processing width, mm520
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