Grinding machine Linolit® 670



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Linolit ® 670 grinding machine is designed for grinding concrete, marble and granite, and is also suitable for removing old concrete and polymer coatings on objects of any size.


  • reliable machine which is easy to operate and maintain
  • increased width of the surface treatment up to 670 mm is suitable for work in rooms of any size
  • height-adjustable control handle
  • stable and smooth operation of the machine on “heavy” concrete due to the wide frame and low center of gravity
  • two working disks rotating towards each other ensure even and smooth operation of the machine
  • three types of working disks with mounting for pads, frankfurts and bush hammers “hedgehogs”
  • two independent working motors evenly distribute the load on both working disks, making it possible to finish work with one working motor
  • “floating” working part due to special bushings allows it to fit snugly to the treated surface as the abrasive tool is erased;
  • dust jacket and nozzle for connecting Linolit ® industrial vacuum cleaners allow you to work without dust
  • detachable working part from the frame for convenient transportation


Weight, kg150

Overall dimensions, mm871 х 694 х 925
Material to be processedconcrete / polymer
Power, kW4,4
Purposedabbing / grinding / polymer removal
Voltage, V380
Productivity, sq. m/hour27
Rotation speed adjustmentnone
Rotation speed, rpm700
Protection degreeIP54
Surface processing width, mm670
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