Grout disc Linolit® 980.8.4 С (8 fasteners, cold-rolled steel)



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Use of Linolit ® 980.8.4 C grout discs (8 fasteners, cold-rolled steel) is necessary at the initial stage of smoothing the concrete surface to obtain smoother floors. As a result, the concrete surface becomes opaque and rough. Repeated processing will increase the strength of the concrete surface. The disc is made of special wear-resistant steel.


Grout discs are adapted to work on concrete grout machines from other manufacturers

Peculiar features

Peculiar features of Linolit ® 980.8.4 С grout discs (8 fasteners, cold-rolled steel): installing fasteners on grout discs is performed with use of a spot welding machine for ensuring high reliability of securing.


Discs Linolit® 980.4 С (8 fasteners, cold-rolled steel) are manufactured in 2 modifications:

  • Standard
  • Premium

Check the price of grout discs in the sales department by the phone numbers indicated in Contacts of the site; or send your request through the form of the site.

Disc weight, kg16
Diameter, mm980
Number of fasteners, pcs.8
Materialcold-rolled steel
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