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Industrial vacuum cleaner Linolit® 322D for removing “dry” construction debris

Linolit®️ 322D is intended for removal of pollutions of М class, specifically concrete dust, putty, paint, varnish, lime, gypsum and other “dry” construction waste.


The model is equipped with 2 high-pressure turbines with total power of 3 kW. They generate the necessary discharge, providing the vacuum cleaner with an increased force of suction of construction dust heavy particles up to 270 mbar.

The vacuum cleaner housing is made of steel and coated with powder paint, which makes it resistant to mechanical damage. Also, a frame is installed around the perimeter of the vacuum cleaner, which protects the housing from accidental impacts and serves as an additional support.

Container for debris

Debris collection is realized directly in a 30-liter tank WITHOUT additional consumables in the form of bags. A simple and convenient lifting system allows you to quickly remove and install the dust collector tank in place. Three maneuverable wheels make it possible to move the vacuum cleaner tank easily and conveniently to garbage containers or in the construction site territory.

Linolit ® 322D is equipped with the contactless filter shaking system with reverse pulsation and a removable HEPA filter of class M, which is capable of detaining dust up to 99.5%. In addition, the filter is treated with special Teflon coating that protects it from sticking cement, sand and other construction dust.

The noise level meets sanitary and hygienic requirements and does not exceed 79 dB. The vacuum cleaner operates from a conventional 220V network and is compatible with any grinding and polishing equipment.

Consumables in the form of  hose, pipe and brush can be used of different sizes (38 and 50 mm). One set of accessories is included with a purchased vacuum (filter, pipe, hose 5m, hose nozzle) additional accessories (pipe, brush, hose, spare filter) may be purchased separately.


Vacuum, kPa270 mbar
Weight, kg30
Air flow, L/sec536 m3/hour
Overall dimensions, mm590х480х1045
Tank diameter, mm360
Dust collector volume, L30
Power source1-phase
Materialpowder painted steel
Power, kW3 (1.5 х 2)
Voltage, V220-230
Rated current, А13.6
Area of filters, cm230,000
Shaking systemcontactless with reverse pulsation
Noise level, dB79
FilterHEPA with Teflon coating
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