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Polymer repair compound for instant and high-quality filling of seams and cracks, as well as repair of defects up to 80 mm deep on the surface of concrete and mosaic floors (horizontal surface).

Linolit ® 11 repair compound is a three-component compound based on a unique polymer binder with a high degree of adhesion and water resistance. If necessary, the repair compound can be mixed with the third component in the form of fine dust (color: natural) supplied by the manufacturer, or sludge removed during the grinding of the surface on the construction site.


  • high adhesion with the base;
  • fast and easy application;
  • suitable for indoor and out-of-door works;
  • no shrinkage;
  • longevity;
  • gelation time – 7 min;
  • short time for strength achieving – the surface can be treated after 30-40 minutes;
  • expands in seams or cracks, securely fixing them;
  • tinted in the color of the base with sludge from the construction site or special fine dust for maximum masking of the damaged area.


Linolit ® 11 is designed to repair small cracks, holes, potholes with a thickness of 5 to 80 mm on the surface of concrete and mosaic floors, clogging joints of concrete tiles. Linolit ® 11 can also be used as a putty in the polishing process for clogging large pores on the floor surface.
The material Linolit ® 11 is packed in sets of 2.6 and 1.3 kg.

Composition of set 1:

  • component А – 1.0 kg,
  • component B – 1.0 kg,
  • component С – 0.6 kg. 

Composition of set 2:  

  • component А – 0.5 kg,
  • component B – 0.5 kg,
  • component С – 0.3 kg.

Before use, each component must be thoroughly mixed!


Linolit ® 11 material is applied with a spatula or from a complete container. You can change the consistency of the material, depending on the amount and density of the added sludge (dust), adjusting the material to the needs of specific work.


  • at thickness 1 mm per 1 m2 – 0.8-0.9 kg;
  • at thickness 10 mm per 1 m2 – 8-9 kg;
  • at thickness 5 mm per 1 m2 – 4-4.5 kg;
  • consumption at puttying for stripping – 0.1-0.2 kg/m2. 
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