Single-rotor grout machine Linolit® CT 424-4



Slape 108a
1260 Ljubljana-Polje

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Linolit ® CT 424-4 single-rotor grout machine is designed for grout of freshly laid concrete floors and screeds, compaction of concrete surfaces and grout of toppings on objects of small areas. You can also use Linolit ® CT 424-4 to process surfaces along walls, columns or partitions.


  • Linolit CT® 424-4 is equipped with 5,5 hp Honda GX160 gasoline engine and can operate for a long time in high performance mode
  • lifting handle allows you to transport the machine to the workplace
  • a swash plate provides precise adjustment of the blades inclination angle
  • height-adjustable handle for operator’s comfort and ease of operation
  • throttle valve control
  • Linolit CT® 424-4 can be retrofitted with an engine with catalyst.


EngineHonda GX 160
Number of blades, pcs.4
Power, HP5.5
Working weight, kg60
Working diameter, mm600
Blades rotation speed, rpm70-150


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