Transport cart for twin-rotor grout machine Linolit® TT 1910-03



Slape 108a
1260 Ljubljana-Polje

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The transport cart is designed for easy and maneuverable transportation of the Linolit ® CRT 836-8 twin-rotor grout machine. Convenient and easy to operate.

  • Reliable steel handle with comfortable rubberized handles and support.
  • Removable wheel support, which is rearranged and fastened with pins to Linolit ® CRT 836-8.
  • Reinforced wheels , diameter 150, on the cart itself.
  • Lever lifting system for easy installation of the wheel support on Linolit® CRT 836-8

The cart weight: 23 kg
Lifting capacity: 400 kg

Weight, kg23
Overall dimensions, mm1310х450х430
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