Trolley for applying thin-layer coatings Linolit®



Slape 108a
1260 Ljubljana-Polje

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Trolley Linolit® is an auxiliary tool and is designed for applying thin-layer industrial coatings of preset thickness (up to 50 mm).

It is convenient to apply coatings with this trolley, as the finished mixture from the trolley is applied to the floor surface by simply moving it around the construction site.

Overall dimensions, mm675 х 850 х 1002
Weight, kg45


  • reliable and simple to use;
  • the applied layer thickness is regulated by means of a bar (to 50 mm);
  • special wheels in the form of discs do not leave traces on the surface;
  • the swivel front wheel assures easy maneuvering on the construction site;
  • the swing handle is convenient both for work and transportation
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