Universal sealant Linolit_PU 40 FC



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Universal one-component polyurethane sealant Linolit_PU 40 FC is designed for sealing and sealing joints of building structures. It is used in structures subjected to moderate mechanical influences (weight, wind and vibration loads, water pressure, etc.). It is used in construction and repair of industrial and civil facilities.


  • high-tech and easy to use;
  • polymerizes under the influence of air humidity;
  • resistant to fuel and lubricants (aviation fuel, gasoline, diesel, etc.), mold, moisture and UV radiation;
  • provides adhesion to structural and stainless steel, concrete, marble, granite, stone, glass, wood without prior priming;
  • forms an aesthetic seam, does not drain from vertical and inclined surfaces when applied with a thickness of up to 1 cm;
  • possesses the properties of expansion, which allows to withstand the load in seams without going beyond them;
  • does not foam and does not shrink, allows you to accurately calculate the consumption of sealant to create the required protective layer;
  • heat resistance: from -40 С tо +90 С;
  • good repairability due to excellent self-adhesion.
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